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The British Judo Association have launched a site to help Judoka with the technical grading syllabus with photographic sequences to show the techniques and some textual description alongside.

Ask your coach for input on techniques, don't try to learn them purely from books/online videos. Practice lots.

Don't forget the syllabus is the minimum required for grading, your coach may have other requirements too!


2009 has been a reasonably successful year in many activities. We have co-opted two younger members on the committee, Ben George and Joe Johnson. The Web site is running successfully receiving a large number of hits throughout the year. The News Letter is now revamped to encourage more members to send in their news items.

Two paid representatives for the BJA have been appointed to the Area. They are Jeff. Hyndes, Development Officer and Demot Heslop, Technical Officer. Although the relationship is new and originally the working parameters were not well defined, we are one hundred percent committed to work with them to enhance the Area. There will be some hiccups along the way but we will overcome them.

Head Office has introduced a large number of changes throughout the year, which have affected our own activities, but through team effort from the clubs and area officials we have manage to create many smooth transitions. Besides the changes in competition formats we have now reduced and centralised gradings within the Area. Where we have had to cancel competitions we are looking at alternate formats for the coming year so has to encourage a continued healthy participation amongst our members. For those that were at the team event at York recently must have noticed how well the members in the Area gel to make events successful.

A successful refereeing even was run last year and Alan Medley has organised a follow-up for this December.

The player who have represented their clubs and the Area this year have demonstrated how well technical skills are developing and I congratulate all those that have taken part even if on occasions they have just missed out on a medal position. Seth Birch is working hard with the technical representatives at national level to raise the profile of our players even further.

A number of coaches sessions were successfully run through the year, although be it, not the UKCC as promised, but after a number of discussions with Head Office representatives we should be able to get one off the ground this year with hopefully some form of individual sponsorship.

I would like to thank all the clubs and their members, referees, competition officials and all other Area officials for having the dedication and patience needed to keep the area successful in all aspects.

We have invited the National Chairman to visit us in March next year, so if you have any questions you would like to ask him please contact your Area representative.

I’m looking forward to next year and I feel enthusiastic about further improvements in the area activities.



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