Covi 19 BJA contacts

We're all getting anxious about returning to Judo training, when will it be, what help is available for clubs on restart?

The contacts listed in this document should have the latest information as it becomes available.

You can also watch the British Judo mini Covid-19 site.

Cancellation of events

All Yorkshire and Humberside area events (excellence sessions, meetings, gradings, comps etc) to the end of April are being cancelled per the BJA guidance.

In combination with Goole leisure centre being closed until further notice lots of our events after the end of April may be under threat.

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Funeral Details for Ken Cooper

Ken Cooper's funeral is to be held on 13th February 2020.

Ken was a coach and referee within the Area for many years until health problems limited his activities. He was responsible for the development and running of Knottingly Judo Club producing recreational and competitive players to a very high standard. The club always made visitors welcome.

He worked with the West Yorkshire committee and organised Area competitions at Knottingley to a very high standard. Ken always gave assistance on and off the mat.

Ken contributed for many years to the development and growth of the Area and was always the epitome of Jigoro Kano’s philosophies

Full details here: Dignity Funerals - Ken Cooper



We represent the Yorkshire & Humberside region of The British Judo Association and our aim is to provide the opportunity and encouragement to people within Yorkshire & Humberside to participate and reach their potential in Judo.

We provide equally for those who want to partake recreationally as those that want to compete to the highest level.

There is provision for competitions, Gradings and organised Judo sessions where club members throughout the Area can take part, with the added experience for some team members to compete abroad, gaining further experience.

Provision is made for those who would like to become coaches, referees or competition official. The latter being an opportunity for parents of children involved. All coaches, referees, competition officials are properly qualified through British Judo's nationally recognised qualification.

Although many members, both female and male, from this Area have achieved National and even Olympic level status, we try to provide a sport that not only brings participants a specific sports skill but also a disciplined mind and body to take forward into the community for the rest of their lives.

Good communication in the Yorkshire & Humberside area is essential and this Website is promoting that. 

If you haven't tried Judo, I hope you will and find it rewarding.

Colin Cleavin

Yorkshire and Humberside area