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Yorkshire & Humberside Area recently took the decision to cancel the above tournament. A decision that we did not take lightly. However in order to help everyone understand we felt that we should give the reasons for our decision.

1. As we approached the closing date we had only 6 Entries. These from far flung areas of the country. Scotland, Devon and Ireland. We felt that it would be unfair to these people who would have to book transport, hotels etc.

2. The national Governing Body had arranged a National Squad training session for the same day, this despite them agreeing the date and venue with us. This precluded a lot of people entering, as they had to attend the Training session.

The area committee apologies for the cancellation but trust that you will understand that with a Closing Entry of 23 and 49 categories to fill the event would not be viable.

The Area committee look forward to welcoming you to future events in Yorkshire & Humberside and again offer our apologies to those who were disappointed at the cancellation.

Eric Theaker

Yorshire & Humberside competitions Sub Commmittee

Congratulations to Jamie Congreve of Hillsborough Judo Club for an outstanding performance in the National Police Judo Championships.  

Jamie who works from Ecclesfield Police Station, Sheffield expressed his delight after a double Bronze medal win at Ribby Hall Sports Village near Blackpool.

His first Bronze medal came in his own weight category being under 81kg in the Kyu grade section, and then triumphed to another Bronze medal in the Kyu grade open weight section beating competitors from around the country.

Coaches Cameron McDowall and Jackie Storr are delighted with his achievements commenting "to say this is Jamie's first competition and to enter it at National level is a huge task, but he overcame the competition and fought very well on the day, I like the fact he even came away with a medal in the open weight"

Jamie's parents also attended the event and watched a Judo event for the first time!

The night ended with a formal evening dinner with all the constabularies represented and a medal presentation followed.

Jamie is now in training for next years competition to be held in Edinburgh!

The 21st of September 2013 saw the annual British Masters competition take place in Walsall.

The event is for all fighters over 30 years of age, with some very experienced turning up for a scrap.

A few players from Yorkshire and Humberside took part, with several medals won...

Darren Griffiths M2 U66Kg Silver Goole
Eddie Newton M5 U100Kg Bronze Barnsley
David Twyman MK1 U90Kg Gold Scunthorpe
Graham Owens MK1 U90Kg Fifth EYJA
Dave Johnson MK2 O100Kg Gold Bradford