When will we see a return to Judo?

Like most sports, Judo has had a tough 2020 with clubs being forced to reduce activities or closing completely for most of the year. Most of our events have not been able to run, which I'm sure plenty of people are missing.

The UK now have vaccines going into production and being distributed, will this mean we may get back to some form of club activity this year? Fingers crossed.

Will we even see a return to grading and competition events in 2021? It's too early to know but you can be sure we are looking forward to getting our events running again as soon as is sensible.

Recovery funding for clubs

A lot of clubs will no doubt be struggling financially. A central fund has been setup with BJA and external bodies to help clubs get through Covid-19 related issues. Y&H area has contributed to this fund and I'd encourage clubs to apply.

Applications can still be made to the BJA club fund until 15th January.

Colin Cleavin steps down

After many years of dedicated service to the Yorkshire & Humberside area, Colin Cleavin has decided 2020 would be his last year as chairman. Thank you Colin for all your hard work behind the scenes of Judo in the Y&H area.

Mike Leng steps back from examiner duties

Mike Leng has been our Director of Examiners for a few years since Roy Francis stepped down. Mike has worked hard to provide opportunities for players to compete for dan grades and has contributed greatly to developing the spreadsheet driven dan grade examination system that is now being used in other areas too. Thank you Mike for your dedication to your role within the area.

And finally...

I'd like to wish everyone an optimistic start to 2021, let's hope it turns out better than 2020!

It surely can't be worse for Judo than 2020!


Ben George

Y & H Chairman