Well, this has been a strange and difficult year for every one and it may carry on in a similar fashion for some time.

Somewhere, I a have a tape of a Trevor Leggett's lecture on letting go. Being Chairman is a very privileged position.
However, I have made the decision not stand for re-election.

I have been extremely lucky and owe a big thank-you to the massive Yorkshire & Humberside team.
That team, over the years, has been made up not only of committee members but many other people involved in different ways to enhance Judo in the Area. I am not going to mention any names because it would be a sad mistake to leave someone out and unfortunately some of our friends are no longer with us.

Over time, they have become one big family. Many have competed against each other on the mat but off the mat they worked as friends for the benefit of the Area. Some we did not see on a regular basis
helped with advice, sometimes unknowingly, at Competitions, Gradings and coaching events.

The Area is in a strong financial position with a strong high standard Judo base. I feel with its Kano Ethos it will move out of this current situation and become even stronger.

The challenge for the future will be to bring the grass roots of the Area together to develop a strategy for the future.

Thank you and my best wishes to all.

Colin Cleavin
Outgoing Chairman