On 8th July 2023 we saw players once again competing for points for the coveted black belt and for promotion within the black belt grades.

A quieter grading than usual for these dual format events we host, but we were still able to provide an opportunity for point collection for many.

Thank you to all who came along, players, the volunteer officials and the medics provided by FAB Training.

Veterans men 1st kyus

6 players, one of whom completed the points requirement for his 1st dan.

Well done Anthony Daye.

Veterans men dan grades

10 dan grade players ranging from 1st to 4th dan competed for points together. Only one player reached the magic 100 points needed for next dan grade, congratulations Peter Tully on completing your point collection for 3rd dan.

Senior men 1st kyu

9 1st kyus took part today, with 5 completing the points requirement for 1st dan. A productive group for these gents!

Only 3 had completed theory component of grading (1 on the day), so we are happy to recommend promotion to the BJA for:

Joshua Chrisp

James Youngston

Max Atkinson

Senior men dan grades

The quietest of todays gradings. 4 1st dans and a 2nd dan competed together for points, none of whom reached the magic 100 point total today but most went away with a slightly higher running total.