Where individual categories didn't have many entries, players competed in merged groups.

These results are after separating players back into own categories.

Entry not as good this year as last, not helped by there being several other events around the county on same day with similar categories for seniors. A number of players came from NW and southern areas last year, this year they had events closer to home.

Seniors, novice - 4th kyu (orange belt)

  U66Kg U73Kg U81Kg U90Kg U100Kg O100Kg
Gold Finnley Woodall (Battlehill) Romeo Gyalai (EYJA) Martin Joyce (York uni) Michael Harbinson (Redcar) Max Bridges (Judo Excellence Ollie Savage (Friary)
Silver   Lucas Bernard (Bradford) Stuart Davidson (Hajime)      
Bronze   Sawan Lingden (Hajime)        
Bronze   Subhaan Malik (Bradford)        
Total 1 5 2 1 1  1


Seniors, 3rd & 2nd kyu (green & blue)

  U66Kg U73Kg U81Kg U90Kg U100Kg O100Kg
Gold Connor Henderson (Haltemprice) Harry Cusack (Sheffield uni) Christopher Bailey Lee Scrimshaw (Bradford) Kyron Crouch Ellis Hemmings (Kiozumi)
Silver Ricky Clifford (Concord) Lewis Henderson (Haltemprice) Alex Russell Morgan Feeney (Ippon)    
Bronze     Alex Currie Matthew Williams (York uni)    
Bronze     Matthew Hartley (Haltemprice) James McGraffin (White Haven)    
Total 2 2 4 4 1 1


 Seniors 1st kyu and higher

  U66Kg U73Kg U81Kg U90Kg U100Kg O100Kg
Gold Michael Brewer-Singh (Hajime) Spencer Camish (Grimsby) Miles Soloman (Oxford) Samuel Hirst (Bradford) James Mullen (Katana) Peter Tully (Cherry)
Silver Owen Rees (Ippon) Paul Fouda (Bradford) Antony Moylett (Grimsby) Anthony Liversidge (Miramar) Einarr Michaelsson (Tigers) Andy Johnson (Ippon)
Bronze   David Benson (Stafford) Vadims Seversanous (Friary)   Karl Brown (Bear Park) Michael Burke (Miramar)
Bronze   James Hindle (EYJA) Ryans Jenkinson (Haltemprice)   Michael Ismida (Battlehill)  
Total 2 6 5 2 7 3


Masters up to orange

  U73Kg  U81Kg  
Gold Romeo Gyiarai (EYJA)  Richard Marsh  (Carnegie)  
Silver    Dean Hodgson (Bradford)  
Bronze    Paul Harkin (Tee Valley)  
Total  1 3  


 Masters 1st kyu +

  U73Kg U81Kg U90Kg O100Kg
Gold Paul Dodds (Tee Valley) Matthew Harte Stephen Evans (Mold) Paulo Pacci (Ford)
Silver Adam Chaffe (Ippon) Aaron Mason (Bradford) Steven Murgatroyd (Bradford) Peter Tully (Cherry)
Bronze Christopher Carr (Medway) Vadims Severjanous (Friary) Grant Monkhouse (Judo Excellence) Andy Johnson (Ippon)
Bronze Jez Armstrong (Cherry) Chris Webster (Sheffield Uni) Anthony Liversidge (Miramar) Clement Granger (Pudsey)
Total 4 5 4 4