A happy day for a few!

We had 18 1st kyu and 3 1st dan gentlemen take part in the grading on Sunday.

Of 18 1st kyus, 4 managed to complete a lineup and (subject to completing the technical skills assessment) are eligible for promotion to 1st dan.

Well done:

  • Alejandro Loayza (Sheffield uni)
  • Antony Moylett (Grimsby)
  • Tomas Martinek (Leeds uni)
  • Andrew Johnson (Manchester uni)

Congratulations also due to Josh Brown (Haydon Bridge / Kodokwai) who was beaten by the third man in his line but still reached the 100 point target for promotion to 1st dan.

A very happy day a for certain John Burkill, a local Judo celebrity!

John was awarded his 6th dan in a surprise presentation and was given a very warm applause with many local Judoka coming to see him being presented the 6th dan.