At the ‘National’ Dan Grading hosted by the Yorkshire & Humberside Area and held at York Railway Institute 26 th November we had a total of 47 entrants:

10 x Male 1 st Kyu Youths

8 x Male Masters Dan Grades

9 x Male Masters 1 st Kyus

8 x Male 1 st Kyus Open

4 x Male Dan Grade Open

6 x Female 1 st Kyus

2 x Female 1 st Dans

Youth grading

Patrick Licence from Ryecroft, in the Youth competition, was recommended for a 1 st Dan following a successful completion of a line-up.

Masters (men)

Neil Walker and James Bugg in the Masters Kyu grades section also successfully completed their line – ups to qualify for recommendation to 1 st Dan (subject to completing the Theory Section)

In the Dan Grade Masters section Nigel Bigger accumulated a total of more than 100 points to be recommended for his 2nd Dan (subject to completing his Theory)

Also in the Dan Grade Masters section Paul Hurst accumulated a total of 100 points to qualify for his 3 rd Dan (Theory already completed)

Open grading

The Kyu grade Male Open produced two players, Lewis Lister and Liam Doody, completing their line-ups for recommendation to 1 st Dan.

In the Kyu grade Ladies section two players were successful in being recommended for 1 st Dans, (subject to completing the Theory section). Tegan Davies from Bredawai Judo Club won 5 contests to be successful on the day and Anna Hulme from Invergordon, Scotland, accumulated more than a 100 points.




A very good, exciting and full day for all players and officials!

Well done everybody.

Mike Leng

Director of Examiners,

Yorkshire & Humberside Area