At our Y & H Area Competitive Dan today, Sunday, 16th October, we had a total of 25 x 1st Kyu and Dan Grades attending:

15 x Male 1st Kyu

6 x Female 1st Kyu

1 x Female 1st Dan

3 x Male 1st Dan


The Male 1st Kyu’s fought in a traditional format and there were 7 players who went forward to attempt ‘on the day’ Dan grade achievement.

 James Robinson and Jamie Lee Abbott both successfully completed their ‘line-ups’ to be recommended for their 1st Dans.

 The Ladies and Male Dan grades fought in a ‘Round Robin’ format to enable the maximum contests and points possible on the day.

Special mention should be made about Amy Baker from Glandford JC who successfully won her first five contests with maximum scores to obtain the 50 points needed to get her total of 100 points for recommendation to 1st Dan. She then fought on in the ‘round robin exercise’ to give other players a chance to improve on their tallies. However, Amy proved her worth by not losing a single fight.

 Congratulations to all who competed and made it such a great day of Judo.


Mike Leng

Director of Examiners

Y & H