1st July saw the 2023 National Team Champions held at “ the HOME of British Judo”, Walsall University Campus. 
It’s twenty years since Y&H last entered a team in the National Team Championships and although the team didn’t win a medal the result didn’t seem to matter. Every one of the players fought with tenacity, courage and commitment. They did the Yorkshire and Humberside Area PROUD.
The team:
U 66kg Abdullah Alawi 
U 73kg Paul Fouda
U 81kg Ryan Hunter 
U 90kg Sam Hurst
O 90kg Neil O Toole 
The team consisted of judoka with diverse backgrounds from as far away as Tanzania and Cameroon all now living in West Yorkshire.
Team events present unique challenges that make organising a team very difficult and stressful for coaches and organisers, however the incredible “off the mat” support from volunteers like Mick Bowmer, Graham Takhar, Richard Brown, Tony Devine, & Andy Broardley has been truly inspiring and made this happen. From coaching to coordination the team to arranging transport, to overseeing the team warm up, no task was too big or considered too minor for this group fantastic committed volunteers. 
The team and support staff are going to celebrate their efforts by joining together for a well earned celebratory meal in Bradford later in July 
We are now looking forward to 2024 to build this team and add other junior and female categories. 
Some wonderful judo on display.