The May competitive dan grading this year was held on the 12th May at Goole Leisure centre.

It was a fairly quiet one this time, with only 11 x 1st kyu men and 1 x 1st dan turning up.

2 x 1st dan men had registered in advance, one chose to not turn up so the one who did couldn't win any points. We also had 1 x 1st kyu who had registered but didn't turn up.

The grading was run in a traditional win 2 to try a line up, in the hope we'd manage to find lines for successful players. As it happened we did, with 4 players attempting their lines.


3 of the four completed their lines, but they have to complete their technical assessment before they can be promoted. 

The player who didn't complete his line, had already claimed his last points before starting the line so he can now send for his 1st dan. 

There was one other player who, although he didn't get to take a line, finished collection of his 100 points. Again, once he's done his skills assessment he will be able to send for his 1st dan.


Thank you to all who took part, hopefully you all took something away. Whether that is you points or just knowledge about what to work on!

Of course we also thank CasCare for providing their medics and the officials for volunteering their time for yet another weekend.