Goole hosted this Dan Grading which was run alongside the Y & H Excellence training session being run by Seth Birch and John Burkhill.

It was a poor attendance with 3 x 1st Kyu Ladies, 4 x 1st Kyu Men and 3 x 1st Dan men. A total of 10 players. Because of the low numbers all participants fought each other in their categories to gain further points towards their next grade.

One lady 1st Kyu won 20 maximum points from her two contests, one lady won 10 points and the other was unsuccessful on this occasion.

All four 1st Kyu men started the day with no points accrued for their 1st Dan. One achieved a maximum of 30 points, one achieved 20 points, and one achieved 7 points with the fourth one being unsuccessful this time.

Mike Leng
Director of Examiners
Y & H Area