Last year was a variable year. We had success with the organisation of Gradings, squad and excellence sessions which included a very successful trip to Stuttgart.

For some time we have been struggling with running viable competitions. The committee has taken this on board and spent much time discussing the planning, number, type and format of competitions. As a result the one in December will be different and the work will continue on other up and coming events.

We are having to take on a new constitution presented to us by the governing body. We are not sure on what the impact will be over the next few years.

There have been a number of changes which raises the question. At one time silly old fogies used to say “I am who I am because of Judo and it has helped me fulfil other things outside Judo” Does this still apply today ?

Has the grass roots of Judo changed ?

I have been observing some young people which are involved in cross country running. They go running nearly every week and get very excited about trying to beat the opposition or their own personal best time. Even when not winning they still enjoy it. Are our members still getting that enjoyment out of judo?

It is essential that we understand the requirements of our Area members and I hope everyone will take time to fill in our on-line survey.

We are in the process of strengthening our committee and I would like to take this opportunity to thank the current member for all the effort this year in stabilising the Area and working to implement improvements.

I would like also to thank the competitors who have represented the Y&H and are a credit to the Area. We must also remember the Area is nothing without it's volunteers which includes various officials, coaches, players and supporting parents.

I hope they will give us the same support during the coming year as we make every effort to move forward and improve.


Colin Cleavin

Y & H Chair