2nd and 3rd of November saw a number of players from the Yorkshire & Humberside take part in the Welsh Cadet and pre-cadet competition in Cardiff.

We know of players from Huddersfield, East Yorkshire Judo Academy and Pudsey.

Know of other players? Let us know so we can add them here!



James Hindle fought very well in a new age band and new weight category, Mason Campbell finished in a very solid 7th place and Tommy Jackson won the Bronze


Tom Deniz took bronze in his first pre-cadet year, a huge accomplishment



Ella Hampson : U48Kg Silver

Ella Hampson on podium at 2019 Welsh cadet and pre-cadet

Gracie Wilson : U63Kg pre-cadet Silver

 Ella Hampson on podium at 2019 Welsh Cadet and pre-cadet