2019 saw the Commonwealth Championships being hosted by the British Judo Association at Walsall.

There were a few players from the Y&H area, as clubs let us know of results we'll add them here.


  • Silver, Cadet U90Kg : Sean Tooby (EYJA)
  • Silver, Cadet U66Kg : Logan Campbell (EYJA)
  • Silver, Cadet U48Kg : Ella Hapson (Huddersfield)

East Yorkshire Judo Academy

EYJA had several players at the 2019 Commenwealth Judo championship..
  • Sean Tooby
  • Logan Campbell
  • Tommy Jackson
  • Maddy Kissenisky
  • Eleanor Buckle


Sean Tooby and Logan Campbell, Commonwealth cadet Judo medalists
Sean Tooby (left) Logan Campbell (right), from East Yorkshire Judo Academy competed in the cadets and won Silver in -90 and -66 respectively.
Left to right, Danny kissenisky, Logan Campbell, Sean Tooby, Tommy Jackson, Steve Shepherd.
 Maddy heading to the mat
Maddy Kissenisky heading to a contest
 Eleanor Buckle & Steve Shepherd
 Eleanor Buckle & Steve Shepherd


Ella Hampson at Commonwealth Championships 2019

Ella Hampson (Huddersfield), Silver U48Kg cadets.