While we could provide a forum within this website for discussion of things going on in the area, we opted to make use of existing and well known channels for discussion between the Yorkshire and Humberside area of the BJA and its members.

We have a Facebook page, liking that page using your Facebook account will mean you'll see posts from that page in your Facebook news feed and be able to  comment on things we're doing.

We also have a Twitter account, we are happy to contacted through our Twitter account (yhjudo) as well as email and Facebook.

Then there is the Yorkshire and Humberside Facebook group, which is there for Yorkshire and Humberside Judo members to discuss what is happening in their area. Several of the Yorkshire and Humberside area committee are active on Facebook, including in the Yorkshire and Humberside Judo group.

Our social media accounts:


It may also be worth visiting our neighbouring areas for info on their events:

Of course club social accounts and websites can be found on their club page if they've sent us the relevant information.