Some of these are put on by the area, some will be run by clubs or sub-areas within the Yorkshire & Humberside.

Please enter competitions as early as possible. By entering late you force us to make a call on an event being viable without knowing full numbers. 

Late entries put events at risk.


Where an area event supports online entry through this website, names will be published once your entry is completed.

If your name is not in the published list, then you are not entered and will be turned away on the day.


08-11-2020 9:00 am -5:00 pm
Goole Leisure Centre
Goole Leisure Centre
North St, Goole DN14 5QX, UK

Displayed times are approximate and will be finalised closer to the event.


  • Under 11            
  • Under 15
  • Under 18             : Point scoring : Armlocks & Strangles
  • Seniors                : Point scoring : Armlocks & Strangles
  • Masters (35+)      : Point scoring : Armlocks & Strangles

Additional info

Teams of 3 players (separate male/female teams).

Each team must contain players from a single club.

All players must have a licence that states 'Yorkshire and Humberside' as area, or list an area club as the players club.

Players attending a university geographically in the area (ask if in doubt) may take part ONLY if they can produce an in date university ID, such as an NUS card, that shows a photo and the name of the university.


Teams will be able to enter through this website from November


05-12-2020 8:30 am -5:00 pm
Goodwin sports centre
Goodwin sports centre
Northumberland Rd, Sheffield S10 2TY, UK

One for the senior lower grades.

  • Up to and including orange belt
  • Green and blue belts
  • Brown belts (promotion point scoring)

Brown belts have a group of their own, hopefully lots of points on offer!

Register through the SUKT event website