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Some of these are put on by the area, some will be run by clubs or sub-areas within the Yorkshire & Humberside.

You can help make events succesful

Late entries put events at risk.

We do not accept entries on the day at Y&H hosted competitions (unless specifically mentioned on calendar / entry details).

Where an area event supports online entry through this website, names will be published once your entry is completed. If your name is not in the published list, then you are not entered and will be turned away on the day.

Your entry is ONLY complete once payment is made. Marking yourself as going on Facebook is NOT entering an event.


Pudsey kyu grade championship

01-06-2024 10:00 am -5:00 pm

Run by Pudsey Judo club



1. Women – Novice (white belt) to 5th kyu (yellow belt)

2. Women – 4th kyu (orange belt) to 2nd kyu (blue belt)

3. Men – Novice (white belt) to 5th kyu (yellow belt)

4. Men – 4th kyu (orange belt) to 2nd kyu (blue belt)

Entry form


North Yorkshire Judo festival 2024

29-06-2024 8:30 am -5:00 pm

Festival format so groups will be formed from entries on the day rather than usual weight groups.

Will include groups for low grades and dan grades

Closing date: 22nd June

  Min age Max age Grade Weigh in Entry fee Note
Section 1  8  15 Novice - 6th mon (yellow belt)


Female: 0930-0945

£20 NO Arm-locks & strangles. Technical restrictions apply.
Section 2  8 15  Orange - blue belt

Male: 1030-1045

Female 1045-1100

£20 NO Arm-locks & strangles
Section 3  14    Novice - blue belt

Male: 1100-1130

Female: 1230-1245

£20  Arm-locks & strangles.
Section 4 14   1st kyu and higher


Female: 1300-1315


Point scoring. Arm-locks & strangles.


Glaspalast 2024

04-07-2024 - 09-07-2024

If you would like to be involved or to discuss if this would be suitable for you/your child, please talk to Seth Birch.

Y & H area subsidise cost for local players.

Further details for Glaspalast

Glaspalast 2024 International Judo Tournament, Sindelfingen, GERMANY

The Yorkshire & Humberside Area of the British Judo Association (Y & H) has endeavoured to provide its players the opportunity to compete abroad.

Y & H has organised trips to France (Rouen), Netherlands (Venray) and Germany (Sindelfingen) for many years and have been represented at the
Glaspalast International Judo Tournament since 2014 (except for 2021 due to Covid).

The 2024 Glaspalast International Judo Tournament is to held in Sindelfingen, Germany on 6-7 July 2024.

The Glaspalast International Judo Tournament is most suitable as the event caters for 6 age bands over the 2 days.

This year’s schedule is noted below:
Sat – FU13s, MU13s, FU18s, MU18s, SNR Women, SNR Men
Sun – FU11s, MU11s, FU15s, MU15s, MU21s, FU21s

The number of competitors over the weekend usually totals about 1,800 from many European nations – the level of competition for all age bands was equivalent to the ‘old’ British Open.

One of the main objectives of Y & H is to keep costs as low as possible. Y&H also recognises the contribution of parents and personal coaches to a player’s development and as such the Area contributes to the cost of Y & H Players and accompanying persons.

Other competitors and accompanying persons pay the full cost per person. The advantage of accompanying persons is additional supervision and support for the younger players.

Y & H contribution towards costs per person for 2024 is £60/person and costs are noted below:

£420pp - Y & H competitor and parent/guardian/coach
£480pp – Other competitors and parent/guardian/coach, and additional Y & H parent/guardian/ sibling etc (depending on availability).

Y & H also pay competition entry fees for area players.

The costs for the trip include coach travel, cabin accommodation on the ferry, 3 night’s accommodation and breakfast in the Boblingen. All arranged by CAB – Travel, who have provided and continue to provide a superb service.