The Yorkshire and Humberside area committee is made up volunteers who work to provide for Judo within the Yorkshire and Humberside division of the BJA (British Judo Association). 

If you would be interested in getting involved with any aspect of officialling, or running events in the area please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Is there something you'd like to see more/less of withing the Yorkshire and Humberside area? Let us know!

We can be contacted through this website, on Facebook and Twitter.

What we do

  • Organise events within the area
  • Provide small grants to clubs 
  • Provide training for officials in the area (referees, table officials, coaches)
  • Host dan gradings
  • Support players in development towards British squads

Talk to us!

We'd like to be able to provide what Judo players and coaches in the Yorkshire and Humberside want and need. In order to do that, you can find out who to contact via the Team Page.