With numbers down, perhaps due to the North West Area introducing a Competitive Dan Grading on the same day, we struggled to offer a meaningful number of contests for all entries.

This was exacerbated when two candidates had to withdraw part way through the competition due to injury. However, out of the 14 candidates we had two candidates who successfully completed line-ups on the day and a further one who gained an accumulated total of 100 points to qualify for the competitive part of their 1 st Dan recommendations.

None of the successful competitive candidates attempted the Theory section; choosing instead to mug up on this part and complete at a later date.

We had two 2nd Dan male players who fought each other for points only.

There were no female 1st Kyu or Dan grades actually competing although one Dan Grade lady was unsuccessfully waiting patiently for someone to fight.

There will be a further opportunity to gain points etc in the nationally open Multi-grading event to be held on Saturday November 18th at York Railway Institute, 22 Queen St, York YO24 1AD
starting at 0930. See Y & H website gradings page.

This popular grading usually has an entry of around 50 players affording great opportunities for progression.

Michael Leng,
Director of Examiners,
Yorkshire & Humberside Area