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This year I would like to say something different. The Area committee has always tried to find ways to keep Judo young and vibrant. I also see this as being the want of many coaches and officials in the Area. Now that we have younger people on the committee, communication has become more readily available and open via the Internet, iPhones, Twitter and Facebook etc. Within the Area we have one of the best referees (and refereeing educators) in the country who is always trying to encourage young people to take up refereeing. We have one of the best competition control teams in the country also trying to encourage younger people and parents to take part.

    Unfortunately, taking up these rolls does now cost more money than it did previously, especially when you look at the current coach education system. The Area committee has tried to offset some of these costs by running free first aid courses and trying to get funding through the Governing Body. Seth Birch has been extremely successful in keeping Goole approved for the revalidation of coaches, reducing the extra time and travel, which may otherwise be encountered. With the help of local coaches he has managed to keep a certain amount of top-level judo training within the Area, reducing the travel that player would otherwise encounter.

Being an official i.e. a coach, referee, Examiner or competition official does bring its own rewards. Often it is in a different way to that expected when they first start.

    Businesses use benchmarks and targets with charts showing who has met them and who has not, awarding without any consideration for extenuating circumstances. In competitions medals are given out. These systems result in total focus on the awards to the detriment of other intrinsic benefits. Someone said, 'Do not always praise the best!'.

      Recently, I was given informed about someone I coached years ago. Who, by the way, had loads of natural talent and as a result did quite well. Family and external influences meant he had to consider Rugby Union as his first sport. He eventually went to play Rugby Union.

I was informed that he is now a coach at a successful R.U. club.

Wouldn’t it be nice if it were as a result of something he’d seen in my coaching? What I am trying to show is that being an official at any level within the Area can give its own rewards.

    For those that have been active this year in keeping the Area successful, I would like to extend my thanks. They should congratulate themselves on a job well done and I hope they will continue with their valuable contribution next year.

   Up to now I have discussed officials, but really, we are here to grow the practise of Judo skills. For this reason, I would like to congratulate all players who have taken part in club judo, squad sessions and competitions at Club, Area, National and International levels and on their continuing improvement. They are what Judo is all about. 




The future of our Area competitions is in your hands. Without the full support and co-operation of the area clubs, coaches and its members the future of our area events looks to be on shaky ground.

I am being told from some people that what we need is more competitions in our area. WHY when we are constantly having to cancel events due to low entries do we need more? There are many clubs within our area who do not support our events and I'd welcome their feedback why.

There are certain criteria that the Area Committee have set in place to ensure we are able to run our events effectively and everybody as a role to play.

It is the clubs or individuals responsibility to ensure that the entry forms are completed fully and correctly so that information can be cross checked. Entries should be  posted to arrive no later than the closing date shown and to include a stamped addressed envelope for confirmation of entry.

The closing date is in place for a reason – so we can ensure the event will be both financially and competitively viable, and to enable us to cancel without incurring any cancellation costs for venue hire, first aid etc should the need arise.

Another area of concern is the lack of new blood coming through to assist at events as tournament officials, either refereeing or table officials. Both these can be very rewarding and without them, then competitions may not continue.

Despite running an advertising campaign for new recruits, the take up has been very poor to say the least. CAN YOU HELP ? 

The Area events are YOUR events, please help to safeguard their future.


Peter Simpson/Elaine Parkinson

Events Manager/Tournament Director


The West and North/East Yorkshire Closed Judo Championships were held at the Richard Dunn Sports Centre at Bradford on Sunday 14th February 2010 attended by 153 players from Clubs within West, North & East Yorkshire.

This was the first time that such a joint event has been held, with costs being shared by the two sub areas, whilst still maintaining their own individual championships.

There was some excellent and hard fought contests throughout the day from both the Junior and Senior competitors.

A special thanks to the Referees, Table Officials, Cascare First-Aid Team for their hard work throughout the day, and to Ben George for organising and manning the projector, giving a quick and valuable service to officials, players and spectators by flashing information up onto the screen.

I believe the use of the projector  will be an invaluable addition to the area as we strive to offer a professional image and service at our events.

Thank you to all the Clubs, Coaches, Players and Spectators for their support in making it a great day.
Peter Simpson

Tournament Director