Doug Crane was the central figure in the running of Doncaster Judo club and the administration of the building which they owned. He was also the South Yorkshire chairman.

For a number of years he helped run the Yorkshire and Humberside Junior squad and assisted in Area coaching courses. He then took up the role of Y&H Treasurer and deputy chairman.

In that role he was central in the administration of coaching courses and competitions. Doug was a stickler for protocol and integrity.

Unfortunately he died before his time with a brain tumour.

The Doug Crane award is named in his memory and presented annually in recognition of long term service to the area. Usually presented at the Yorkshire & Humberside closed team event.

2020 : Not awarded

2019 : Bob Parker

Bob has been working as a technical official at our events for a number of years. He is now a Senior Recorder and assists Elaine in many events at control.

2018 : Michael Leng

Mike has been active in the area for a long time running Ryedale Judo club, an active referee, an examiner and in recent years the Director of Examiners for the area

2017 : June Hirst

Technical official at competitions

2016 : Eric Theaker

Services as a Yorkshire & Humberside and South Yorkshire committee member, supporting Sheffield/Steel City Judo

2015 : John Bunyan

Area treasurer, York Judo club

2014 : Chris Hill

One of area senior referees of many years

Keith "Tiger" Brown

Coach at Rotherham Tigers, referee

Ken Cooper 

Seth Birch

Area coach, Huddersfield coach

Alan Medley

Referee, Area refereeing representative

Ken & Diane Iveson

Peter Simpson  

Peter Simpson was the central figure in the running of Knottingley Judo Club and a long serving member on the West Yorkshire committee involved in organising gradings, competitions and running the West Yorkshire Squads.

He was also a long serving member of the Y & H committee at one time helping to running the Area squad but mainly organising and working to promote Area competition events.

Peter is remembered with a trophy given at the area teams each year

Roy Francis

Awarded in recognition of his years of service to the West Yorkshire area and his role as director of Examiners for Yorkshire and Humberside Judo

Alan Stanbra

Area committee member and secretary

Jackie Asquith

William Megson

Richard Cooper